Mint Chocolate Matcha Madeleines with Baking the Goods

Recipe, Photos by Baking the Goods sponsored by Silpat


It’s National Mint Chocolate Day and we are leveling up with one of our favorite recipes and collaborations to date! 

Dig into Baking the Good’s recipe for Mint Chocolate MATCHA Madeleines using the Silpat Madeleine Mold and Cook N Cool tray. Here’s what Becky Sue had to say about making these gorgeous madeleines with her Silpat tools!














“I am such a sucker for a good Madeleine. Maybe it’s the charming shell shape or maybe it’s the harmonious marriage of cookie and cake. Whatever it is, I am all for Madeleines, all of the time. They are never too sweet or heavy and dress appropriately for all occasions. My recipe for Mint Chocolate Matcha Mini Madeleines has all of those desirable qualities I seek in a maddie, but they go a few steps further in the flavor department. 

These Mint Chocolate Matcha Mini Madeleines were made using the new Silpat Mini Madeleine Mold. I’ve made my fair share of madeleines and I have to admit, I’ve had my ups and downs with them. Here is the big secret about madeleines, they are simple but can be finicky.

Traditional metal madeleine pans have a tendency to stick so there is a series of steps that need to be performed in order to achieve that thin outer shell and airy interior. Metal pans require lots of butter and chilling the pan for best results. But, Silpat’s innovative nonstick Mini Madeleine Mold allows you to skip those steps and get straight to baking.

My Mint Chocolate Matcha Mini Madeleines bake up evenly and come out with that perfectly crisp outer shell and tender, cakey interior thanks to Silpat’s lightweight and flexible baking mold. I like to bake them in that Mini Madeleine Mold on top of Silpat’s perforated Cook n’ Cool Perfect Baking Tray for the quickest and most even bake ever. The Mint Chocolate Matcha Mini Madeleines slide right out of the pan and and cool quickly atop the overturned Cook n’ Cool Tray. 

Achieving the right texture and appropriate puff is the biggest battle when baking madeleines, so I delighted by the game changing and time saving results that I get with my Mini Madeleine Mold and Cook n’ Cool Tray. These Mint Chocolate Matcha Mini Madeleines are a breeze with this pan combo.

The deep dark chocolate notes of these Mint Chocolate Matcha Mini Madeleines involve both cocoa powder and melted bittersweet chocolate. That chocolatey base has a hint of matcha mixed in to ground it with earthy flavor. Once baked and cooled, these Mint Chocolate Matcha Mini Madeleines take a plunge into a vibrant, minty, matcha white chocolate dip. The trio of mint, chocolate and matcha in a cakey cookie bite are a wintery mix of wonder.  These Mint Chocolate Matcha Mini Madeleines are as complex and interesting on the inside as they are bold and beautiful on the outside. These darling little bites of winter flavors have never been easier to make thanks to the that Silpat Mini Madeleine Mold and Cook n’ Cool Tray. They bake up fast and easy, leaving you more time to sit by a blazing fire and enjoy the season, with a plateful of Mint Chocolate Matcha Mini Madeleines – of course.”

Get the full recipe at Baking the Goods and follow Becky Sue on Instagram at @bakingthegoods 


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