The professional-quality baking mat

Our story began in 1965 in the Somme. A baker (Mr. Demarle) invented a bisphenol (BPA)-free food-grade silicone technology with a knitted fiberglass structure for professional bakers and pastry chefs. The good news today is that Silpat silicone baking mats are now available to help discerning amateurs enjoy home baking even more! It’s so much more than reusable parchment paper! Silicone molds and mats have a nonstick coating, so you don’t need to flour or grease them. Make all your bakes a perfect success. Forget those packs of baking sheets and disposable parchment paper. Just like a professional pastry chef, your desserts are sure to make a splash!

An essential for home cooking

Silpat quality is now available to enthusiasts. Whether you’re cooking an everyday meal or putting on a big spread, Silpat silicone mats will take your food to the next level! Forget about parchment paper. If you do any cooking at home, you know it can really add up! The mats are easy to store, either rolled up in their original box or with a Silband storage tie available in the Silpat store. What kind of tasty treats can you make with a silicone mat? Here are a few ideas: tarts, choux pastries, cookies, roasted vegetables, focaccia, pizza, burger buns, melts, log cakes, toasted nuts, meringues, and more. Just give it a try!

Silicone baking mats with a lifetime warranty!

The nonstick coating stays intact for over 2,000 baking cycles. Can anything else do it better than a Silpat mat? Rolls of parchment paper are a thing of the past. Our silicone mats are so much more than reusable parchment paper. They withstand temperatures from -40 °F to 465 °F to make sure all your food turns out perfectly, whether you're baking or freezing it.

Give free rein to your creativity in the kitchen!

There’s a baking mat to suit every need. There are various mat sizes, from large rectangular mats to microwave mats, as well as several types of printed designs, circles to use as reference on the graduated Roul'pat version, the version for macarons, and Silpain, just for bread. Now go ahead and try your hand at cookies, sponge cakes, meringues, chocolates, papillotes, croissants, fondant, and other sweet and savory treats. Forget parchment paper. Silpat® baking mats are a must-have for any cooking and baking aficionado. Our mats aren't scared of being frozen or thrown in the oven at high temperatures. And, of course, Silpat® silicone mats can all be used thousands of times and come with a lifetime warranty. Grab your piping bag and let your imagination run wild. Silpat mats have pride of place among kitchen tools. The classic 40x30 cm (16x12 in) mat, our bestseller, will be your steadfast companion. Silpain's perforated bread mat will give your breads, pizzas, focaccia, and other bakes a fabulous crust. The Roul'pat, also known as our graduated mat, is 58.5 cm (23 in) wide and nonstick. This large workstation mat is designed to protect your countertop and won’t slip around. The icing on the cake: Roul'pat is now printed with graduated circles, so your pizza dough, shortcrust pastry, and puff pastry always end up the right size and shape. The Silpat family also includes special mats for baking macarons and cookies, with printed outlines that make for perfectly even results, every time.

Using and caring for your reusable baking mat

Use the right baking mat for your purpose. For example, when cooking in a microwave, use the octagonal mat instead of the rectangular one, and never cut the mat. It couldn’t be easier to prep. There’s no greasing, just put your dough or batter straight on the mat without greasing or buttering.
Like with Teflon, use wooden or plastic utensils, rolling pins and pastry rings to keep your nonstick silicone coating intact.
The mats can be used in conventional ovens and microwaves, though they should not be put in contact with flames, barbecues, or grills. For best results, use with a Silpat baking and cooling tray. Even cooking thanks to the knitted fiberglass structure. The perforated tray can be put in the fridge or freezer as well, withstanding down to -40 °F.
Unmolding is a piece of cake. The mat is nonstick for flawless unmolding. Clean with the soft side of a sponge and a bit of dish soap. The baking mat can be put in the dishwasher from time to time, but we recommend cleaning it by hand. It should be air-dried.