A French Revolution in Baking


Kitchen Liberation

The unique Silpat™ range of non-stick oven baking products will revolutionise how you cook. They’ll let you bake bread, patisserie, sweets and even savoury food perfectly - every time. Even heat distribution means no burnt bases and no sticking. Forget about cutting parchments or greasing trays. Just slip a Silpat™ mat or mould into a tray and voilà - you’re ready to bake.

It’s time to free your inner domestic chef. Expand your ambition. Develop your confidence. And bake with joie.

Libertie. Patisserie. Bakery.

In 1965, French baker, Guy Demarle, created the first non-stick baking mat. Today our range has expanded dramatically - but they’re still made to the same exact recipe.

Why The Professionals Choose SILPAT™

Silpat™ mats and moulds are made from a unique textile fiberglass core and unique food grade silicone wrap – that means they work consistently and clean up effortlessly. Every bake cooks evenly, releases easily and, because you need no butter or fat, your food’s healthier. Carefully treated, Silpat™ products will last for 3000 baking cycles.

Consistency. Simplicity. Durability.

That’s what they demand in professional French kitchens. Now you can choose the same for yours. How bon is that.

Our 'Numero Un' Sellers


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