The Silpat™ story began in 1965 when Monsieur Guy Demarle, an experienced French baker, set out to develop a better way to prepare and bake baguettes.

His invention, a new baking mat, began a revolution in professional baking.

And he rapidly acquired a reputation for the best baguettes in France.

Guy called his mats Silpat™, because of the unique silicon and fibre manufacturing process. 

 His original silicone non-stick baguette mat became the blueprint for all Silpat™ products used in professional kitchens around the world today.

Thanks to him, our range of classic Mats and Moulds make all types of baking, cleaner, quicker, easier as well as producing more consistent results.

Now, as part of Sasa Demarle Incorporated, Silpat™ still sets the international standard in the pastry and bakery industries.

Of course our revolutionary ways won’t stop there. We will continue to develop products that enhance the experience from planning, preparation, cooking and baking - for amateur and professional alike.

And together with our services and employees we’ll stay committed to ensuring that as well as being the chef’s best friend they are eco-friendly too.

Every Silpat™ mat and mould proudly bears the "Made in France" stamp as your guarantee of quality and a lasting tribute to the French baker who began the revolution.