Yes, they are dishwasher-safe up to a temperature of 155°F (with a mild, non-abrasive detergent). However, to prolong your product’s service life, we recommend hand-washing with soapy water and a soft sponge. Rinse, shake it off, and then air dry.

You can clean your Silpat® products with a mild dish soap or detergent that has a pH of 5–10.

You can clean your Silpat® molds and mats with water and dish soap. Make sure to use the non-abrasive side of the sponge to avoid damaging the product. Shake off any excess water, then air dry.

Yes, it’s completely normal for your products to feel slightly greasy. As they bake, ingredients release fat and that greasiness can remain, even after washing. You can clean your products with hot water and a bit of baking powder or lemon juice to reduce this greasy feeling.

Yes, it’s completely normal for the color to change after a certain number of uses. The oven’s heat and various ingredients can discolor them. But rest assured, their quality is in no way affected. It’s actually a good sign: the more the color changes, the more baking experience you have! ;)

The product you receive may look slightly different. Our molds and mats are actually handcrafted, which is why their color may sometimes be a bit darker or uneven. This in no way affects their efficiency, use, or technology.