RECIPE: French Chocolate Mendiants For Thanksgiving Dessert

RECIPE: French Chocolate Mendiants For Thanksgiving Dessert

As Thanksgiving approaches, bakers everywhere are gearing up to create a feast of delectable desserts that capture the essence of the season. Our journey today takes us into the heart of French-inspired baking with a quintessentially French recipe, perfectly suited for your Thanksgiving dessert lineup with its adorable acorn shape.

This recipe goes perfectly with our brand new Silpat® Thanksgiving Half Size Baking Mat, a limited edition gem that infuses precision and celebration into every creation. Before we dive into the delightful world of festive chocolate treats, let's explore what makes Silpat® an essential tool for this holiday baking season.

Thanksgiving SILPAT

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Now, armed with the knowledge of what sets Silpat® apart, let's dive into a delectable French-inspired recipe that combines precision, elegance, and the festive spirit of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving SILPAT

French Chocolate Mendiants Recipe

Preparation time: 20 minutes


  • 1 cup milk chocolate chips
  • 1 cup pecan nuts
  • 12 pistachios
  • 5 tablespoons sugar


  1. Caramelizing the Pecans: Begin by adding the sugar and pecans to a saucepan. Allow them to cook until the sugar transforms into a luscious caramel, coating the pecans in a sweet glaze. This step not only adds a delightful crunch but also infuses a rich caramel flavor into our French-inspired chocolate creation.

  2. Melting the Chocolate: While the pecans are caramelizing, melt the milk chocolate chips using a double-boiler. The gentle heat ensures a smooth and velvety texture, perfect for our festive chocolate treats.

  3. Drawing Shapes with the Silpat® Thanksgiving Half Size Baking Mat: Lay out the Silpat® Thanksgiving Half Size Baking Mat on your baking sheet, showcasing its limited edition design. With a piping bag filled with the melted chocolate, skillfully draw the desired shapes on the mat. The Thanksgiving-themed pattern adds a touch of elegance to your creations, making them visually appealing for your holiday spread.

  4. Decorating with Pecans and Pistachios: Once the chocolate shapes are drawn, it's time to bring in the star ingredients. Place two caramelized pecans, one pistachio, and one caramelized walnut on each chocolate piece, creating a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. The combination of the smooth chocolate, crunchy nuts, and sweet caramel makes for a truly indulgent Thanksgiving treat.

  5. Setting in the Refrigerator: Allow your chocolate creations to set in the refrigerator, giving the flavors and textures time to meld together. This step ensures that each bite is a perfect balance of sweetness, nuttiness, and chocolatey goodness, creating a dessert that will be the talk of your Thanksgiving celebration.

As Thanksgiving draws near, bakers can embrace the spirit of the season with this quintessentially French recipe that beautifully marries tradition and innovation. The Silpat® Thanksgiving Half Size Baking Mat not only adds precision to your baking but also a festive touch to your holiday celebrations. Hurry, as this limited edition mat is available in limited quantities this season. Elevate your Thanksgiving dessert lineup and make this holiday season a truly memorable one with Silpat® – where precision meets celebration in every delicious bite. 

Silpat Thanksgiving Half Size Mat

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