Silpat Perfect Mini Loaf Mold

Silpat Perfect Mini Loaf Mold

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Silpat™ baking molds are perfect for baking just about any delicacy you want. The baking molds are made of non-stick silicone which means you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your baking creations. Silpat™ replaces the need for butter, grease, oils, and sprays.
  • Create perfect mini loaf shaped.
  • cakes Easy to use, clean, store.
  • Perfect release for a professional result; no breakages, no residue.
  • Just place on a baking tray, fill and place in oven.
  • Remove baking tray when cooked, perfectly demold the cakes – voila!.

Product Dimensions:

Size: 11 5/8 inch x 15 3/4 inch | 29.5cm x 40cm

Wells: 3.9" x 2.3 inch x 1.1 inch | 9.9cm x 8.1cm

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