In 1965, innovative French engineer and keen cook Guy Demarle created the first non-stick baking mat, thanks to which, he rapidly acquired a reputation for the best baguettes in France.

Guy called the mats Silpat™ because of the unique silicone and fiber manufacturing process. The handmade process by which they are still made today, in France. 

Having built our reputation amongst professional bakers, Silpat™ are launching an exciting new range of molds for the domestic chef – in what promises to be the start of a French Revolution in Baking. 

The Headquarters and Factories are still near Lille in France, and comprise of 3 divisions: Industrial bread manufacturers), B2B (restaurants and chefs), and a retail division (Silpat™) all under the company group Sasa Demarle – with a wholly owned subsidy in NJ, USA.

Silpat™ in the USA grew its notoriety out of: 

  • Loved and adopted by the best professional bakers, cookery/chef schools, industry, and restaurants.
  • Martha Stewart – who gave Silpat™ a sound check each ad break – telling viewers they were going to need their Silpat after the break
  • Being sold in most cook shops - Silpat is the number one silicone baking brand – and established itself as a staple on weddings lists.

Silpat, the original non-stick baking mat, indispensable to Professional Chefs for over 50 years has become an essential product for home cooks. It saves time and reduces waste because it is reusable and never needs added greases or sprays. Also, you no longer need parchment paper or foil. From savoury cooking to decadent baking, nothing sticks to Silpat.

Silpat Mats are essential for working with sticky materials such as batter, tuiles, caramel, and dough.

Silpat™ Non-Stick Baking Mats are made from a unique textile fiberglass core and exclusive food grade silicone.

Silpat mats are available in various sizes – with versions with markings for Perfect Cookies and the Perfect Bread Aerated mat for better crusty baking, eg. Pizzas/bread).