Professional-grade Silpat® silicone mold technology applied to a Cake Mold

When the inventor of professional baking mats designs a range of nonstick fiberglass-reinforced silicone pastry molds, it's sure to be a real winner in the kitchen! Enjoy the benefits of food-grade silicone at home, free of all those undesirable chemicals (phthalates and BPA), combined with the knitted fiberglass structure that makes cooking perfectly even. A cake mold that withstands temperatures from -40 °F to 465 °F and can be reused indefinitely means all your desserts and savory dishes will turn out perfectly!

Silpat silicone cake molds compared to other molds

Better than metal molds that have to be greased
Better than clay molds, which offer good baking quality but are difficult to unmold.
Better than Teflon because they’re soft, flexible, and easy to unmold
Get professional-level quality with Flexipan, another technology from Groupe Demarle, the inventor of Silpat.

You're the pastry chef!

Become the king or queen of cake design! The dessert and sweet treat possibilities are endless, including molds and mini-molds, for cakes, muffins, cupcakes, muffin molds, cake molds, tart or mini-tartlet molds, cupcake molds, madeleine molds, heart-shaped molds, cookie molds, fluted molds, gingerbread, tartlets, and more.

Ensure all your bakes come out perfectly with our baking essentials: Silpat silicone molds. This professional tool has been redesigned for domestic kitchens, available to millions of consumers, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Cake mold maintenance

No need to grease or butter your Silpat silicone mold : : Nonstick food-grade silicone eliminates this step. Unmolding couldn't be easier: the mold's flexibility makes unmolding a piece of cake. But don't use sharp or abrasive tools to keep the silicone coating intact and looking good for a long time. When you bake, use the baking and cooling tray for perfectly baked cakes and to extend the mold’s service life. Your Silpat mold is easy to clean, just use the soft side of a sponge and dish soap. You can put it in the dishwasher from time to time as well.